About Us

Who are we?

Founded by a team of leading experts in Neuropathy and the use of Electric Stimulation in Health and Wellness, Conductive Therapy Shop is, among other things, proud to be the World's #1 seller of the Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Neuropathy Stimulator Device, as well as the top seller of the specialized Conductive Electrode Garments and Bath Protocol Electrodes that are used in conjunction with the Ultima Neuro and many, many other electrotherapy stim devices.

Unlike typical medical supply wholesalers and online retailers carrying hundreds of different products, Conductive Therapy Shop SPECIALIZES IN TREATING NEUROPATHY with electrotherapy - in fact, we helped pioneer this approach and wrote a best-selling book on the subject.

We have years of neuropathy experience and are intimately familiar with using the Ultima Neuro. We regularly hear from and respond to folks who purchase the Ultima Neuro elsewhere only to discover that the sellers can't, and in most cases won't, answer even basic questions about using the Ultima Neuro to treat the complex condition that is neuropathy.

Before you purchase anywhere else, contact us. We'll beat any price. And we'll be there to back up your purchase with our fast, friendly, super-knowledgeable e-mail customer support. We're always happy to answer your questions beforehand as well.  You can Contact Us here. 

What is Electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy can be performed in the convenience and safety of your own home. It is simple, proven, and often provides almost immediate results. Electrotherapy can prevent the need for powerful and often dangerous medications. Many users report that electrotherapy is relaxing, enjoyable, soothing and energizing. Electrotherapy sessions often dramatically reduce pain and are also known to help improve the quality of sleep after treatment.